Panteleimon "Paddy" Ekkekakis, Ph.D.

WinBreak 3.7

Professional Software for Determining the Gas Exchange / Ventilatory Threshold

If your work involves the gas exchange / ventilatory threshold and you have been frustrated with the limited tools of the metabolic analysis software packages for helping with its determination, now there is a solution: WinBreak 3.7.

WinBreak 3.7 is not an "easy 1-click solution", it is a serious, powerful professional tool for researchers and clinicians, as well as a great educational tool for advanced exercise physiology courses.

Here are some of its features:

  1. Three graphical modules: V-slope (VCO2 by VO2), ventilatory equivalents, and excess CO2. Module for inter-method comparisons.

  2. Choice of five validated algorithms for the V-slope: (a) Jones & Molitoris (1984), Orr et al. (1982), Beaver et al. (1986), Cheng et al. (1992), Sue et al. (1988). The standard Jones & Molitoris (1984) algorithm is used for the ventilatory equivalents, and excess CO2 modules. Complete computational reports for each algorithm.

  3. Module for determining the respiratory compensation point (RC) based on VE by VCO2 (following Beaver et al., 1986).

  4. Plots of residuals of the single-regression and two-regression solutions.

  5. Powerful data manipulation: averaging, interpolation, outlier removal, five smoothing methods (running average, Savitzky-Golay, low-pass FFT, cubic spline, polynomial regressions from 2nd to 10th order).

  6. Fully customizable graphs, can be saved as metafiles or bitmaps.

  7. Extensive context-sensitive help system.

  8. Detailed 78-page user guide.

  9. Can be customized to read ASCII data from any metabolic analysis software package. Saves data in ASCII and ExcelTM formats.

  10. E-mail support with purchase.

To read more, see screen shots, download the user guide, and purchase, visit the Epistemic Mindworks web site:


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