Exercise Psychology Laboratory

UPDATE: In 2006, our lab moved into a new, larger space in the Forker Building. Along with the move, we have now acquired several additional pieces of research equipment, making the Exercise Psychology Laboratory one of the best-equipped labs in the world.

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Landice treadmill, touch-screen monitor, and ParvoMedics system

You are looking at our Landice L8 heart rate-controlled treadmill, equipped with the Executive Trainer control panel. Directly in front of the treadmill, there is a 21-inch Mitsubishi PrecisePoint 1105P touch-screen monitor, which allows research participants to respond to self-report questionnaires on-screen as they exercise. To the left, you can see our ParvoMedics TrueMax 2400 metabolic analysis system.


Custom-made Data Factory software

This is the view through the eyes of our research participants. On the computer screen, you can see the "Feeling Scale", a single-item self-report measure, on which positive numbers indicate pleasure and negative numbers indicate displeasure. Self-report measures are presented through a program called "Data Factory" that allows the participants to enter their responses directly on the computer screen.


Workstation attached to Coulbourn LabLinc V

This is one of our workstations, used mainly for electrophysiological assessments, but also for data processing and analysis. The computer is connected to a Coulbourn LabLinc V modular system. We currently have modules for the assessment of EMG, ECG, and respiratory rate, as well as an auditory stimulation module that can be used for inducing acoustic startle. The picture on the computer screen is from the International Affective Picture System (IAPS).


Close-up of the Coulbourn LabLinc V

This is the Coulbourn LabLinc V modular electrophysiological system, fitted with all the modules we currently have. From the bottom, you can see 2 interface modules (one General-Purpose and one Wingraph), the audio source module, two bioamplifiers with filters, two integrators, two tachometers, one ECG module, and one strain gage bridge transducer coupler. An RCA SA-155 audio amplifier sits on top of the system.


Parvomedics TrueMax metabolic analysis system

This is the ParvoMedics TrueMax 2400 metabolic analysis system in playback mode, showing the data collected from a previous test. From the top, you can see the computer and LCD monitor, the analyzer unit (left) and the gas mixing chamber (right), the calibration syringe, the tank with calibration gas, and the printer.


Recliner for baseline HR and BP assessments

This is our most precise scientific instrument, a La-Z-Boy recliner, used for assessments during baseline and recovery. To the left, there is a Welch Allyn Tycos sphygmomanometer, one of the several small instruments in the lab. Others include a Coulbourn B68-02 Biosystem calibrator, an Omron wrist blood pressure monitor, two portable Roche Diagnostics Accutrend Lactate analyzers, two Polar Electro Oy Accurex Plus wireless heart rate monitors with computer interfaces, along with a couple of extra transmitters and an interface to the metabolic system, an array of Hans Rudolph face masks of various sizes for the collection of expired gases, a scale, two Perception II environmental monitors, and a Casella CEL-254 digital impulse sound level meter with a calibrator. The lab also has several data storage systems, including three CD/R/RW drives, a 250 MB USB-powered external Zip drive, and a DELL PowerEdge 1300 server with a RAID-controlled hard disk array.


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